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A simplified approach to creating an online business that easily takes frustrated entrepreneurs from idea, to online success in just 30 days following our online business architecture method! If you're ready to get the clarity and support you need, the right tools, and a solid plan to finally make your business idea a reality, then fill out the enrollment application NOW!

Have you been struggling to create an online business?

You Need To Become The Architect

You'll discover how easy Simplex OBA makes it to build your bridge!

Your business is meant to be the bridge between where you are now and where you want to want to end up - business success.

To get from where you are now to where you want to be you need to understand how to create your bridge.

To do that, you need to "Become The Architect" first.

What that means is getting clear on what your business will be from a bird's-eye view, down to the specific building blocks, then create your blueprint from there.

The Simplex OBA program will help you do just that - get a complete view of what you need to do and when as you create, promote, and scale your business or offer.

I take the unique approach of organizing and compiling the information in the Simplex OBA program in a logical format and present it in a very professional manner (an actual lesson presentation instead of just a bunch of zoom videos cut together), so that you get a clear, easy-to-follow program that never wastes your time.

As you progress through the program, there's lab assignments to complete that will have you actually building your business step-by-step as you learn. Once you've graduated from the program at the end of the 4 weeks, you'll have your entire business set up and ready to make you money!

I'll be your teacher, mentor, and coach, and I'll make sure you get the helping hand you need every step of the way.

I've included both group and 1-on-1 coaching sessions in the Simplex OBA program so that you get as much support as you need to become a successful graduate of our program.

And you'll get your own personal student success advisor who works with you to keep you on track, answer your questions along the way, and offer the encouragement and support you'll need to overcome any possible hang-ups you might encounter.

When you enroll in Simplex OBA, you really are getting everything you need to create a successful online business in just 30 days!

Meet The Teacher

My name is Blaine Bryant.

I have over 30 years of experience in business management and sales, as well as copywriting, PR, content creation, photo and video editing, social media management, and marketing plan creation.

I created the NEW Simplex OBA program to serve aspiring entrepreneurs like you who have struggled to figure out the easiest and fastest way to create a profitable business online and created an easy to follow step-by-step plan for you to achieve it in just 30 days.

I got started in business back in the early 90's running an alarm systems company. More recently, I got into online marketing with a Shopify store and learned the hard way all about creating an online business and making sales.

Now, I'm taking everything I've learned in the past 30+ years and creating the Simplex OBA program to provide others with the clarity and the shortcuts I wish I'd had all along my journey.

removes all of the stress of creating your online business

  • You'll get everything you need to help you go from business idea to your first sales quickly with our easy-to-follow Online Business Architecture program

  • We'll show you all of the steps to take, in the right order, with everything you need to know to make it all work with our highly-developed Simplex OBA step-by-step process

  • You'll save yourself countless weeks, months, and years, spent trying to figure everything out on your own with our exclusive Essential Skills development process

  • You'll save yourself thousands of dollars in marketing development, copywriting, and tech costs with our custom expert guides, drop-in funnel templates, email sequences, social media templates, automations, and much more, developed in conjunction with our technology partners at FunnelStreams

  • With class sizes limited to just 50 students each month, you'll get the guidance you need along with an unparalleled student success system that includes not only weekly group coaching and monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions, but also your own personal student success advisor to ensure you move ahead quickly with clarity and confidence every step of the way! Your student success advisor is your expert wingman from day one!

Available Programs

Simplex OBA Certificate Program

4 Weeks, 8-10 hrs/wk, 4 weekly exams

Program Overview



You'll discover the simple methods we use to conduct market research and find out where your potential customers congregate, what they're most interested in, and how you can create an irresistible offer to market your product or service directly to them!

Week 1 focuses on developing your skills in basic market research, offer creation methods, and the basic copywriting skills that you'll need all throughout the life of your business.

Skillsets Developed: Marketing, Basic Copywriting, Social Media and Internet Research Methods



You'll map out a complete marketing plan that will help get your offer out to your target audience and build your brand. You'll understand the importance of knowing your potential customer's journey from initial interest through your entire fulfillment process, so you can create the tech and automations to make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you.

Week 2 builds on the skills and information gathered during week 1 and walks you through the process of creating the marketing blueprint you'll need to create your tech stack and social media presence.

Skillsets Developed: Marketing, Intermediate Copywriting, Basic Tech Requirements

Week 3 - [structures] tech setup with funnelstreams


You'll set up the basic tech needed for launching your new product or service in hours instead of weeks when you follow our easy step-by-step instruction, using our funnel-building templates, ready-made automations, and email templates, created in conjunction with our technology partners at FunnelStreams .

Week 3 focuses on creating a complete tech stack, according to your marketing plan and customer journey blueprint, to launch your new business.

Skillsets Developed: Basic Tech Skills, Website and Funnel Creation, Automations, Email Autoresponder

Week 4 - [sales] traffic and sales mastery


Week 4 is where your new business really begins to take off! You'll get all of the checklists, scripts, content templates, and tracking tools we use to generate as many leads and sales as you can handle with both organic and paid traffic methods on the top 3 social media platforms.

You'll get a full understanding of how to effectively advertise your new business on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You'll create a complete social media content strategy and become familiar with the types of content used on social media and how to create your own for distribution on the top 3 social media sites to build your audience and promote your business.

Skillsets Developed: Marketing, Advertising, Intermediate Copywriting, Social Media Content Strategy, Social Media Content Creation, Appointment Setting, Intermediate Sales

students also get these incredible Bonuses!

Downloadable PDF Program Workbook - Download your workbook and print it off at home so you can follow along with your course, make notes, and complete assignments with a physical copy you can reference any time

Downloadable Market Research Tool - Download our market research tool so you can find and identify your ideal customers and what they need from you so you can use that information to structure your irresistible offer

Downloadable Expert Guides - These downloadable guides will help you quickly develop the skills necessary to create and run your online business. You'll build an understanding of standard operational procedures (SOP's), social media content creation, funnel building, and more!

Access To Our Social Media "Swipe File" - You'll have access to hundreds of social media content examples that we have used, created using our expert guides, covering several different types of content, so you can get a clear idea of what to create to promote your business on the top 3 social media platforms

Funnel Building Templates - Simplex OBA makes it extremely simple to create your tech stack (funnels) with our drop-in funnel templates complete with read-to-use automations and email auto-responder templates that you simply customize, fill in, and publish! You'll have your website ready to make sales in hours instead of weeks or months!

16 Weeks Access To Student Success Advisor - Your Student Success Advisor is your expert wingman, helping you every step of the way! They'll work with you to keep you on track, answer your questions, and make sure you're getting everything you need from the Simplex OBA Program to make your business a success!

16 Weeks Access To Group Coaching - You'll gain valuable insight and networking opportunities with other students and staff of the Simplex OBA program in our weekly group coaching calls on Zoom and in our private community with chat feature.

Four 1-on-1 Calls With Blaine - You'll have access to one call per month (for 4 months) to talk directly with Blaine to get any special attention you need to guide you along the way to business success! You'll get the benefit of his 30-plus years of business experience during each call so you can not only start your business, but scale it up!

Course Building Mini Course - If you intend to create your own online course then this bonus mini-course will help you create a professional-looking course on the FunnelStreams platform quickly

LinkedIn & Tok Tok - As an added bonus, you'll also get access to our mini-courses on creating content for LinkedIn and Tok Tok to add even more social media exposure for your business!

Get 4 months of Funnelstreams FREE

The Only Technology Partner You'll EVER Need

We've partnered up with FunnelStreams because this platform really does give you everything you actually need to run your business on a single platform.

When you set up your tech with Simplex OBA and FunnelStreams, you’ll get a powerful all-in-one tech platform that can host unlimited funnels and websites, has an integrated CRM to manage your customer records, can send automated emails, host your courses, manage all of your social media, and fully automate your business, just for starters.

And the Simplex OBA program makes it easy to get what you need up and running quickly on this platform

You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars in marketing development, copywriting, and tech costs with our custom expert guides, drop-in easy-to-customize funnel templates, email sequences, social media templates, ready-made automations, and so much more, developed in conjunction with our technology partners at FunnelStreams.

With Simplex OBA and FunnelStreams, you’ll get your entire tech platform setup in just a few hours, rather than weeks or months, and you’ll get 4 months of FunnelStreams Unlimited Plan included for free when you enroll!

*4 months free offer only available to students of the Simplex OBA program

Our Student Success Guarantee*

Our goal with the Simplex Online Business Academy line of courses is to create the highest student success rates possible from our programs.

To accomplish this, we commit to our students like no other training program has.

First, our student success advisors help you create your business plan and hold you accountable to completing the work to advance you through the program in a timely manner so that you reach your business goals as quickly as possible.

Second, we provide, as a bonus, up to 16 weeks of group coaching calls and 4 60-minute 1-on-1 calls (one per month) with me and your student success advisors, where you'll get your questions answered and get personalized support for your business plan.

And on top of all of that, we also back up our programs with our 16-week 2X ROI Guarantee.

If after 16 weeks in the program you have not reached the initial revenue milestone of two times (2X) your initial investment in the Simplex OBA program, we will support you with further 1-on-1 and group coaching UNTIL you have reached that first milestone. This means you will receive all of the help you need to make sure you double your investment when you enroll in the Simplex OBA program

*Some restrictions apply, see course enrollment agreement for more information

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Here's some answers to your FAQ's...

Advance enrollment is now open for all upcoming classes. At present, only enrollments for the full 4-week Simplex OBA Certificate Program are available. Classes begin on the first Monday of every month, and student access to the course content is granted 24 hours prior to your course start date. See your enrollment email for full details about accessing course content and materials, and access dates. For further inquiries, speak with your enrollment specialist. This is a 4-week ONLINE self-guided certificate course. Each module is broken down into weekly segments with lab assignments and an exam due to be completed and submitted at the end of each week. Students must achieve a passing grade of no less than 70% before the next module of the course can be unlocked.

We accept payments via credit card only at this time. We also allow for you to split your payment across 2 separate credit card transactions or send a payment link to another person on your behalf. If splitting your payment into 2 transactions, a minimum payment of $350 is required for the first transaction. In all cases, net program fees must be paid in full (in US Dollars) to complete enrollment.

No, you do not need to have an existing business already. This course will help you create your online business from scratch and launch your own business the right way. This course is for new and existing business owners alike.

Once enrolled, you will automatically receive a confirmation of enrollment email with your course start date. Your member's area login details will be sent to your email 24 hours prior to your course start date. Make sure to save / flag the email with your login details so you will not lose them.

Even though the Simplex OBA program is only a 4-week course, you will have access to all course content in the member's area for a period of six (6) months. So you can review it over and over if you wish. You will also have access to any and all additions / improvements / revisions to the course content during that time at no additional charge.

ABSOLUTELY! For successfully completing the Simplex OBA program, you will be awarded your certificate in both PDF and printed formats (printed version will be mailed to you) Not only that, you'll have a successful business to go with it! And, as an added bonus to our student success stories, we offer further secret bonuses for you when you complete your program.

We completely understand that everyone's time commitment to their new business venture is different. The Simplex OBA program and the 30 day timeframe is based on the typical part-time entrepreneur's commitment of approximately 15-20 hours per week. If you're not able to commit that much time, and it takes you longer to get things done, THAT'S OK! That's why I also included weekly group coaching calls with me for up to 16 weeks AND your own personal student success advisor to help answer any questions you may have so you never lose momentum and build your business with the clarity and confidence of a seasoned professional every step of the way! And we back up our programs with our Student Success Guarantee!

We do offer our Student Success Guarantee, and we work with you as best we can to ensure that you get everything you can from our programs. However, I can give you all of the tools you need to be successful, guide you to the best of my ability, but in the end, YOUR work ethic will ultimately determine your success. Our Student Success Guarantee only applies to you IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK. Because this is a done-with-you program, you are expected to complete the work as outlined in the program in order to maintain your eligibility for the Student Success Guarantee. Your course enrollment agreement will have the full details.

After enrolling in the Simplex OBA program, you may request to withdrawal from the course with refund (minus a $1,000 non-refundable enrollment fee) up until 24 hours prior to the start date of your program. Please review your Enrollment Agreement for more details on refunds and deferrals. We do our best to provide the best, most complete digital course and support system we can with our Simplex OBA program. However, since this is a knowledge-based online program, and you are purchasing ACCESS to such, total enrollment fees become NON-REFUNDABLE once access to the course material is granted and login details have been sent to you, regardless of participation. No exceptions.

In fact, we do offer a complete done-for-you option at a premium price. To get more details on a done-for-you option you’ll still need to complete the enrollment application and set up an enrollment call to find out more.

No, you will NOT be going through the Digital Course Recipe training alone. You will be receiving LIVE weekly coaching with me until DCR ends. However, if you have chosen the bundle package option which includes the AM/PM Academy training, that specific course will be strictly self-paced since I no longer teach that course live. So you will have me holding your hand week by week in DCR, but the AM/PM Academy training will not have that. It will be completely self-paced with no Facebook group or weekly assistance from myself or my admins. The academy training is the recorded training of my last LIVE academy training. (which was Spring 2021) You will have access to all of the curriculum, recorded zoom trainings, guest speakers, additional income streams and AMAZING bonuses that those students got. But the academy training does NOT come with an instructor, admins, facebook group or additional support like DCR does. This training was discontinued as a live training and is only available as a pre recorded, self paced training in my bundle package.

Since this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge CANNOT be reversed once learned, this course is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.

Enrollment/Registration opens up on April 10, 2021 at 4pm set. This 10-week ONLINE course will begin on May 10, 2021 at 8AM EST. This goes for the Digital Course Recipe package as well as the Digital Course Recipe Bundle Package. These trainings release on the same day and will be dripped WEEKLY to prevent you skipping lessons. 1 module per week.

Trainings are not scheduled in advance. I only launch a training when I know that I can dedicate 10-weeks straight to my students, since I'm running multiple companies alongside this one. Once class is full, you will know by clicking on the payment link. A message will appear letting you know that registration has closed.

Anyone wanting to learn how to turn their knowledge or expertise into a valuable online course. This training is also for those who may be struggling to decide what they want to teach to others. There will be 250+ course topics available for you to choose from.

No, you do not need to have an existing business already. This course will help you launch your own online course from scratch as well as assist you with deciding what you'll teach. This course is for new and existing business owners.

ABSOLUTELY! I love certifications! I hope you do too. Everyone will receive a certificate of completion once all modules have been successfully completed.

Although I have hundreds of success stories from my previous student, it would be illegal and unethical for me to guarantee your success. Your work ethic will determine your success.

No, you do not have to login to your training at a specific time each day. However, I do expect you to dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week to this training (less than a part-time job). Modules are automatically released every Monday at 8am. You will receive an email notification letting you know that you may login and access the current week's module.

This training is exclusively online (you can always login to DCR or the Academy training by coming back to this website and clicking on the login button at the top right hand corner of the page).

Yes, there is. You may click on the waitlist button on this website to opt-in to receive email notifications on future trainings. You may also text the word TRAINING 704-459-4500 to join our text notification list. Text notifications are preferable.

Yes, you can enroll in DCR while you are enrolled in AM/PM Credit Repair.

You will have lifetime access to the course curriculum in DCR. You will also have lifetime access to your curriculum if you have chosen the bundle package with the AM/PM Academy Training included.